Advancements Expected in the Cure for Asthma

These days one of the most common respiratory disorders is asthma. This disease has been around for last couple of centuries. Asthma is widely spread and can be present in people irrespective of the age or the gender. It is true that asthma is widespread but despite that the experts still need to devise a proper cure for asthma. There are some treatment plans – medications or devices that can reduce the effects of asthma but the matter of the fact is till date there is no definite cure for asthma. So, what really are the advanced treatments of asthma? Let’s take a look!

Corticosteroids has been a popular asthma treatment since the last few decades. This method is popular even today but the method has been enhanced in order to assure better relief to the patients that suffer from asthma. Corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory medications. These help in the reduction of the mucus that may be present in the airways of your lungs. Experts have concluded that the right treatment of asthma can certainly reduce the triggers of asthma.

Another treatment recommended by the specialist for asthma is using the combination of bronchodilator and corticosteroids. The effect of these medications is long lasting and one such medication that is an amalgam of the two is Advair. Advair is a blend of salmeterol and fluticasone. Besides this, other related products that are similar to Advair may soon be out in the market.

Experts are also trying to devise treatment plans that are more user friendly or rather child friendly. For example, using the metered-dose inhalers can definitely be a little tricky and may not be too child friendly. Children might just not be able to hold the canister right. It is because of these problems why auto inhalers shall be used. In the auto inhalers, the breath is automatically activated, thus making it a simple process.

The environment has been one major setback in devising the treatment of asthma. Manufacturers are working hard to come up with products that are safe for environment. Asthma inhalers that you get in the market today are safe for the environment and have no harmful impact on the ozone layer.

Lastly, it is not just the treatment, researchers are also taking steps to restrict the asthma right at the source. Well it may take some time for that to happen. As of now, obtaining the right treatment to lead a normal healthy life should be prioritized.


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