Solve your respiratory problems by finding the triggers

The numerous advancements that we have achieved in terms of technology, infrastructure and what not, has also led to few other health problems in individuals. The increasing levels of pollution, is leading to quite a lot of problems around the world. The health problems include various respiratory disorders, cancer, skin diseases among many other diseases.


Asthma is one of the most common health problems which a majority of the world population faces. What is asthma? It is a serious respiratory health disorder, whereby the air passages of the lungs become smaller. This leads to difficulty in breathing in the individuals. The air passages become inflamed, due to which the individual finds it very difficult to breathe. The other symptoms that arise during an asthma episode is:

  • coughing,
  • shortness of breath,
  • wheezing and
  • trouble sleeping due to wheezing or other symptoms.


People having asthma find it very difficult to exercise, walk fast, perform highly active actions.


There are a number of causes for asthma in people, which include allergies, exposure to pollen or dust, smoke, pollution, cold air etc. Changes in the weather can also cause asthmatic episodes in some people. Most people consult doctors to find out how to cure asthma. However, this is one health problem which cannot be cured. Asthmatic people must pay attention to the triggers causing the asthmatic episodes. These triggers can help them avoid asthmatic episodes. Most children having asthma would have chronic cough. Many of them contract asthma or wheezing before the age of five. It would become very important to keep a watch on the child since most of the times, the symptoms of asthma in children go unnoticed. This can also be dangerous in most cases.


Most respiratory problems are usually linked to the triggers around us. Occupational triggers are one of the main killers. People working in factories with a lot of exposure to gases, fumes, smoke, dust while on the job, tend to develop these problems.


It is important to understand and figure the causes or triggers behind respiratory problems. This is the only way by which respiratory issues especially such as asthma can be dealt with, effectively. On finding out the trigger, the quality of life of a person will tremendously improve. This will also help the person enjoy common and regular activities. With proper treatment and management, an asthmatic can lead a stable life.


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