How to cope with teeth whitening sensitivity?

Artificial methods of teeth whitening are quite painful. This is because regular teeth whitening procedures involve the polishing of the enamel in order to remove the stains. Dentists use files to polish the teeth, and as the enamel is scrubbed off, you feel pain due to presence of nerve nodes at the root of your tooth. Alternatively chemicals are used to whiten your teeth, leaving them sensitive. In such cases your dentist will suggest simple methods and products to help alleviate the sensitivity. This sensitivity, caused by a dental process is only temporary and will fade in due course.

However, there are a few people who will experience extra sensitivity in their teeth. If you sensitivity in your teeth, you will feel acute pain when your enamel will be polished. In most cases of teeth sensitivity, it has been seen that the person is suffering from infection. The infection is usually caused by bacteria and results in the swelling of nerve nodes inside the tooth. This condition is also known as hypersensitivity of teeth.

Before you visit a dentist for an elaborate treatment of your hypersensitive teeth, you should start taking some personal measures which would definitely help you in toning down the sensitivity of your teeth. A few of these measures include the avoiding too hot or too cold food, avoiding of habits that cause a damage to your teeth like smoking and drinking and also consumption of citrus fruits. At the same time, you must change your toothpaste to an anti-sensitivity one. You would find such toothpastes easily in the market. However, these measures are not enough to cure hyper sensitivity of teeth completely. You must deal with the bacterial infection in your tooth core to root out the condition of hyper sensitivity. There are a number of dental care centres in Mumbai, where you can book appointment to address your problem. One such dental centre is Dentzz. This centre is known for its highly professional service to patients. The dentists who practise in Dentzz are also highly qualified and you can be rest assured that your problem of hyper sensitivity of teeth will be cured in a few months. The only thing you would require here is patience.

You can go through Dentzz reviews online to understand how different people face the issue of hyper sensitivity of teeth. If the infection in your tooth core turns out to be extensive, the treatment would definitely take time. In that case, you must hold your patience and cooperate with your dentist. You might also be required to take antibiotics on a regular basis which might cause minor side effects. However, you need to ignore this and concentrate on the main treatment.


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