Respiratory problems are the most common in the world today

Respiratory ailments are the most common diseases in the world today and are mainly caused by an exposure to pollutants, irritants and allergens. It is young children who are especially vulnerable since they are very sensitive and are thus easily affected. The worst thing about such illnesses is that the lung function is usually irrevocable affected before the disease is diagnosed. Often this causes permanent damage and the only treatment offered can prevent further damage at best.

There are a large number of respiratory problems present in the world today. Some of them like those stemming from the common cold etc. are what are known as minor illnesses. And some others like pneumonia are major ailments which can even be life threatening.  These issues can affect the upper respiratory system, that is the nose, the sinuses, the mouth or the lungs in particular the lower bronchial tubes. If the problem gains severity it can even affect the functioning of the lungs and cause a reduction in lung capacity. Respiratory problems are characterised by a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, pain or pressure in the face, laryngitis and in the case of severe infections can very high fever. In some cases when the lungs and the bronchial tubes are affected, it can be a very serious ailment. It is only proper diagnosis and treatment that can keep the disease from escalating.

An inflammatory disease of the lungs, causing shortness of breath, breathlessness and tightness in the chest is bronchial asthma or just asthma. It is a chronic ailment that can only be controlled through medicine although it cannot be fully cured. The inflammation causes constriction in the airways making breathing very difficult and a specialist doctor usually recommends a broncho-dilator for immediate relief. This disease requires two kinds of medications— long term medicines help keep the disease in control consisting of inhalers and nasal sprays and emergency medicines which are used at a critical time in the form of broncho-dilators. In the treatment of this disease one of the most important things is to identify the triggers and keep them at bay, which can range from dust, allergens such as pet dander and pollen to intense emotions or stress. Along with these, medical health professionals usually recommend a range of medical and non-medical measures that can help keep the effects of the disease at bay.

Another respiratory problem that is on the rise is allergic cough. The natural defence mechanism of the body reacts through cough when the natural lining on the inside of the nose, throat, voice box or lungs is affected. There are two kinds of cough, one caused by infection and the other is the allergic cough. There are many things that cause this kind of cough like dust mites, pollen dust, chemical fumes and other pollutants, smoke and even some kinds of food. Rather than treating a cough, the best method is to prevent it by reducing exposure to allergens. This can be done by keeping the home and work environment as free of dust as possible. It is also important to eat home cooked food since restaurant food contains additives. Simple measures like this this can help mitigate the impact of an allergic cough with ease.


Solve your respiratory problems by finding the triggers

The numerous advancements that we have achieved in terms of technology, infrastructure and what not, has also led to few other health problems in individuals. The increasing levels of pollution, is leading to quite a lot of problems around the world. The health problems include various respiratory disorders, cancer, skin diseases among many other diseases.


Asthma is one of the most common health problems which a majority of the world population faces. What is asthma? It is a serious respiratory health disorder, whereby the air passages of the lungs become smaller. This leads to difficulty in breathing in the individuals. The air passages become inflamed, due to which the individual finds it very difficult to breathe. The other symptoms that arise during an asthma episode is:

  • coughing,
  • shortness of breath,
  • wheezing and
  • trouble sleeping due to wheezing or other symptoms.


People having asthma find it very difficult to exercise, walk fast, perform highly active actions.


There are a number of causes for asthma in people, which include allergies, exposure to pollen or dust, smoke, pollution, cold air etc. Changes in the weather can also cause asthmatic episodes in some people. Most people consult doctors to find out how to cure asthma. However, this is one health problem which cannot be cured. Asthmatic people must pay attention to the triggers causing the asthmatic episodes. These triggers can help them avoid asthmatic episodes. Most children having asthma would have chronic cough. Many of them contract asthma or wheezing before the age of five. It would become very important to keep a watch on the child since most of the times, the symptoms of asthma in children go unnoticed. This can also be dangerous in most cases.


Most respiratory problems are usually linked to the triggers around us. Occupational triggers are one of the main killers. People working in factories with a lot of exposure to gases, fumes, smoke, dust while on the job, tend to develop these problems.


It is important to understand and figure the causes or triggers behind respiratory problems. This is the only way by which respiratory issues especially such as asthma can be dealt with, effectively. On finding out the trigger, the quality of life of a person will tremendously improve. This will also help the person enjoy common and regular activities. With proper treatment and management, an asthmatic can lead a stable life.

What Causes Breathing Problems?

Asthma is a kind of allergic reaction in the respiratory tract. The worse thing is that asthma is caused by different allergens to different people. There is no fixed set of substances which cause asthma. However, we can still enumerate the major causes of asthma, as follows:

  1. Mold, mites and pollens

Our air is full of living organisms and other organic substances. Some of these substances, such as fungal organisms, dust mites and pollen grains might be highly allergenic to a few people and cause asthma.

  1. Cold air

Cold air is the most common carrier of germs and viruses which causes common cold and cough. Needless to say, excessive intake of cold air can also clog the bronchial tubes, causing asthma.

  1. Smoke

Smoke is undoubtedly the most notorious cause of breathing problems nowadays. With increasing use of fossil fuels, our air has become full of smoke particles and aerosols made of semi burnt hydrocarbons. The smoke sets in the respiratory cavity and causes heavy irritation.

  1. Heavy exercises

It might sound unlikely but exercising can cause the respiratory cavity to expand and contract rapidly, giving way to difficulty in breathing. In some people, even a little exercise or hard work might result in panting, which might take the form of asthma, if left untreated.

  1. Alcohol

Like its many bad effects, alcohol is also one of the main causes of asthma. Alcohol must be avoided if one is already suffering from cough and other breathing problems. Needless to say, asthma or not, refraining from alcohol is always a good idea.

  1. Gastric reflux

Gastric refluxes are extremely disturbing. They cause acute pain in the diaphragm and even leave a very bad taste in the mouth. They are also a major reason behind asthma attacks. However, asthma attacks caused by gastric refluxes can be avoided with the intake of immediate medicines for acidity.

  1. Congenital causes

Then there is genetics. Asthma can flow in the family, irrespective of paternal or maternal lineage. Someone with a family history of asthma is always at a high risk of acquiring asthma. In such scenario, the symptoms of asthma are visible from a very young age.

Whatever the cause of asthma, one must never panic. Asthma treatment has become very effective nowadays due to the development of sophisticated medicines. There are many health centres in the city who offer asthma treatment in a scientific manner. Although asthma cannot be cured fully, these treatments can comfort the suffering person to a great extent. Asthma treatments can also significantly reduce the pain of asthma attacks. One can choose a course of asthma treatment after researching the best treatments available. Database websites can help one in this regard.

Deal with respiratory problems effectively by understanding the nature of the problem

Respiratory issues are quite common in today’s times, with the high amount of pollution and dust in the air. Not every small problem requires a consultation with a doctor. However, it is important to understand the basics of every respiratory ailment to know when medical intervention is required. If left untreated, respiratory ailments can blow up in to bigger health issues

Respiratory problems such as cough, cold or blocked nose are extremely common ailments in modern times. These are generally caused by a number of factors including:

  • An allergy to food or any other substance
  • Dust or pollution
  • Sudden change of weather
  • Exposure to cold temperatures
  • Minor underlying health conditions including cold or fever
  • Major underlying health conditions
  • Smoke

It is important that respiratory issues are treated in the initial stages because these issues can later grow in to bigger health problems.

Cough is one of the respiratory problem which we have all faced at one or the other point in our lives. However, when the coughing gets out of hand, it becomes important to consult with a medical professional. Cough is a sign of infection of the respiratory tract. It can be caused due to a number of allergens including smoke, bronchitis, pollution etc. Most doctors prescribe a number of cough suppressants to tackle the cough. However, in case of chronic cough, the doctors ensure that they take a detailed look at the overall health of the patient. Cough in such cases lasts for over eight weeks and could be the symptom of serious respiratory problems such as tuberculosis, respiratory tract infections etc.

There are a number of medications for cough and breathing problems. Some home remedies such as honey and lemon, steam inhalation help ease these symptoms to a great extent. However, most doctors prescribe an inhaler for the treatment of numerous respiratory ailments including coughing and breathing problems. These do a great job by diffusing the medication directly into the lungs of the person. This is one of the most effective treatments available.

However, it is important to know at what time and stage a medical condition requires medical attention. Should you have a hacking persistent cough for longer than a few weeks then it is definitely time to seek professional guidance. Shortness of breath, pain in the chest as well as wheezing are symptoms that must not be ignored. Any medication should only be administered by a person on recommendation by the medical professional.