How to cure asthma and why it is important

Age is one of the biggest reasons why we have to suffer from health disorders and diseases. As we grow older the systems of our body that keep us healthy, get weaker and the natural guards that we hold against issues, lower down to a great extent. This is when major issues related with the heart and the blood start to appear. Beyond a certain age we also start to become conscious about the way in which our body works and that is why it is made sure that regular health and blood check-ups are done. However, one important factor of life is often ignored and that is what turns out to be seriously damaging for the body systems.

We usually give lesser attention to the respiratory system and end up developing breathing problems. A lot of patients turn up at the clinics of doctors to make sure that they understand what is COPD. COPD is a respiratory disorder and it is something that affects people in old age. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is an issue that affects the air sacs of the lungs that work as the primary parts in the functioning of the lungs. The disorder also affects the air passage that brings in the air to the lungs and removes it from the organ.

COPD is one of the respiratory problems that affects as we age. Due to high exposure of the lungs and the respiratory system to harmful conditions and the lowering of our immunity, more and more people get affected by the problem. It is important to make sure that the issue is taken seriously and treated by an expert so that you don’t end up with a bigger health issue. COPD can be easily controlled with the help of medication and treatment.

While it is possible to treat COPD, it is essential to choose a doctor that knows how to cure asthma. A specialist for respiratory diseases can help the most in cases that are exclusive to the lungs and the other breathing organs. When you get the right medical help for your problem, you can make sure that you remain healthy for a longer time and you can effectively beat diseases and disorders that are otherwise difficult to treat. The right combination of the best medication, treatment and expert can work wonders in reaching a resolution for your respiratory issue.


The story behind what is asthma

Asthma is one of the commonest chronic breathing disorders found in human beings. There was a time when people had the notion that asthma is caused by allergic reactions in the throat cavity. However, it is true that certain allergens such as smoke, dust, pollen grains etc. can trigger asthma attacks in a person, but the person must be a patient of asthma. It has been found that the occurrence of asthma in human beings can be genetic. If a person is suffering from asthma, it is possible that either of his or her parents has got asthma.

All these facts about asthma might make it a dreadful disease. It is in fact true that asthma cannot be cured completely, however, one can keep asthma attacks under control quite effectively by taking certain precautions. There are several therapy based treatments too, which help one to cope up with asthma in a better way. It is always better for a person to start these therapies at a very young age. The sad thing is that there are many misconceptions regarding asthma and asthma attacks, which discourage people to undergo those therapies, making themselves suffer more. It is always advisable to parents that if they suspect that their child is an asthma patient, they must consult a doctor immediately and undergo the therapies. In many cases, it has been seen that when treated early, a child understands what is asthma and acquires the ability to tone down the effects of its attacks.

Here are a few asthma myths and facts, which will be helpful for all.

  1. Asthma is psychological

Many parents think that asthma in children is a psychological problem, rather than a physiological one. They try to divert the child’s attention away from the problem. This, however, can never help, for asthma is a real problem and far from being psychological.

  1. Asthma disappears with age

Many people think that asthma attacks will lessen and eventually stop as the child will grow. This, again, is a misconception. Children who are diagnosed below the age of 5 might outgrow asthma, but the older you get the lesser are the chances of outgrowing asthma.

  1. Asthma patients should not go out

When parents start acknowledging that their child has got asthma, they start putting restrictions on the child like not going outside to play or not eating ice creams. These restrictions do not make any sense as a person or child with asthma can live a regular life without restrictions once their medications have started.

  1. Asthma can be cured by a good diet

Many people are also of the view that asthma cure can be ensured eating good food. However, the truth is there is no correlation between asthma and food habit.

The must dos for asthma cure

What is the difference between a complete cured disease and a completely managed disease? A simple example can be put forth by stating two diseases namely typhoid and asthma. The former can be cured through medical techniques by eliminating the salmonella typhus present in the body. The latter disease asthma doesn’t have a complete cure; but yes, it can be managed to a pretty big extent. The extent can go so high that a person actually doesn’t feel he is a patient of this disorder. So what are the steps towards asthma cure? It depends on degree of severity of your ailment.

The symptoms of this particular disorder can be easily managed today which wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. The causes however can be either hereditary (transferring from parents), allergic (due to the inhalation of some allergens), or via habits like smoking. The methods of asthma cure are divided into two segments namely controlling and relieving. Now what is the difference here? The controller is for a long term cause whereas the reliever is for short term cause i.e. sudden asthma attacks which need to be immediately taken care of. At times, even excessive stress can lead to this.

One commonly occurring symptom of asthma is the wheezing that disturbs you during your night sleep. It is a very irritating situation which doesn’t let you sleep peacefully. The doctors will of course examine the cause of it before prescribing any medication for the same. If the cause of your of disorder is asthma, then it is very crucial to widen the constricted air passages and therefore the doctor might ask you to take resort to a bronchodilator inhaler. The doctor might also ask you to take a pill that reduces the inflammation of the airways. Once this stage is cleared, the wheezing will certainly come to a halt.

The steps towards effectively managing asthma comprise of the following: – The first is to get an appropriate diagnosis done. The patient needs to coordinate with his or her doctor to make an action plan. Calculate approximately your peak flow on a daily basis and take measures when it drops. Keep a record of all the symptoms that you are undergoing because of the disorder. Please avoid the common triggers like allergens and smoke. Develop a habit to exercise on a daily basis; however prevent yourself from over exertion due to these exercises – there has to a limit over it. Once you follow these steps, the asthma cure actually starts kicking in.

Lastly, excessive cough can also be a possible outcome due to this disorder. This is of course the easiest symptom to deal it; although it might give you sleepless nights as well. There are both natural as well as medical techniques towards cough treatment. The natural ones include taking hot fluids, inhaling steam vapours and drinking warm turmeric milk and even honey is one of the curing elements. Thereby, following great healthy practices, you can now prevent yourself from the irritating symptoms of asthma.

Rely on an asthma specialist when age is not on your side

Most of us consider the body to be a mechanical system that does our bidding because we give it enough to eat and survive. We also tend to take for granted that the body system could need a lot more care than we usually give to it and by care it means that it may require a lot more medical attention. While our hormones and body systems are young and kicking we hardly notice the beating that the body takes, but when the body reaches a certain age and starts to feel weak and frail a host of problems bombard the system and makes it extremely weak, to the point that we may feel a sense of disintegration.

Some common problems:

Though it is a difficult scenario to imagine, the imminent damage to a lot of health systems is a reality and if the right treatment is not taken, it starts to affect our comfortable living and lifestyle. Some of the most common problems to strike in old age relate to the respiratory system and a lot of people have to seek asthma cure by the time they cross the age of 40 or even earlier in a lot of cases. In such cases, it becomes extremely essential to be able to get the right help for the problems because as the body gets older, it starts to lose its strength to be able to fight diseases and health issues with efficiency and speed.

Getting in touch with an asthma specialist is the only way out because the specialist can identify the root cause of the problem and diagnose and treat in an efficient manner. There are a lot of instances where a patient may not be suffering from asthma at all, the problem that the patient is entirely different or even a combination of health issues that affect the respiratory system. In such cases, one can rely only on the word of a specialist and only someone who holds specialization in the matters of the respiratory system may be able to truly help.

COPD and its treatment:

One problem that affects a lot of elderly people is COPD. It is important to know what is COPD in order to be able to understand and identify its symptoms and eventually get the right medical help. COPD is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and is a combination of problems where you experience irritation in the bronchial tube as well as problems in the air pipes of the lungs. Such a problem can only be treated and controlled by a specialist in the field.

Learn techniques of asthma cure

Asthma is the most common and easily found disorder in every third person in the world. It’s a chronic lung disease, usually long term. Asthma causes the lungs, bronchial tubes, or airways, to become inflamed. This inflammation causes the airways to become sensitive to environmental triggers, such as dust, smoke, pet dander, or cold air. In reaction to these triggers, an asthma attack occurs. In the past, researchers have worked on an asthma cure and come up with ample number of solutions.


Before going any further we have to look into why asthma occurs in certain individuals. The exact reason is still unknown for what causes asthma, but scientists believe that a combination of genetic and environmental factors play a role in the development of the disease. Asthma tends to run in families, suggesting an inherited component to the disease. You’re more likely to have asthma if your parents have it. Asthma cure in case it is from genes is a little difficult than from other mediums.


One is also more likely to have asthma if you have atopic syndrome i.e. if you have a predisposition toward certain allergic reactions, such as eczema and hay fever. Asthma and allergies often go hand in hand. According to a recent survey, Asthma affects 25 million people in the United States, including 7 million children. Many children escape from their asthma in due course of their lives. For others, it becomes a lifelong condition. Mostly asthma in children develops symptoms before the age of 5. Study says, more boys have asthma than girls.


The Treatment for asthma usually involves learning to recognise triggers, taking steps to avoid them and tracking your breathing to make sure your daily asthma medications are keeping symptoms under control. In case of an asthma flare-up, one may need to use a quick-relief inhaler. Now, How to cure asthma? Medication for asthma is broadly categorised as either quick-relief medicine or long-term control medicine. Reducing airway inflammation and preventing asthma symptoms is the goal of long-term control medicines, where as immediate relief of asthma symptoms is the goal of quick-relief or “rescue” medicines.


Part of asthma control is seeing a doctor every 2 to 6 weeks for regular check-ups. After a prescribed medical routine which helps curb the flare-ups, check-ups might be reduced to once a month or twice a year. Although medicines help immensely, they aren’t able to do the job alone. One has to avoid things that cause or trigger asthma such as dust allergies, heavy physical activities, weather/climate changes, taking proper care about what food we eat etc. Asthma triggers can be found anywhere home, school or work place. Hence an asthma cure can be achieved by preventing hazardous physical activities and above said examples, as well as with the help of proper medications. With respect to diseases that have the potential to be long-term, prevention is always better than cure.


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Impeccable solution for asthma in children

You may have experienced the worst times when you had to travel in a crowded train or bus, you may even have seen how some children could not go out to play during their vacations while their other friends ran around and played in the sunny and dusty lanes, you may have come across people on their bikes with a complicated contraption or scarf to cover their face while they zoom into pure and thick pollution!

While all such incidents and occurrences may be considered to be part of life and regular, it is actually the warning bell for a looming problem. People may be claustrophobic in crowded areas or children may be busy finishing holiday homework and bike riders may be concerned about the hot sun harming their skin, but breathing problems in people of all ages and genders are unavoidable and extremely prevalent in the country. There are thousands of people who get treated for problems with their lungs and so many others who silently suffer without proper treatment.

It is the latter that one should really worry about and the former for the kind of treatment they get. One of the most important parts of treatment is to get the diagnosis right. A lot of people may be wrongly treated and may be told they suffer from problems such as bronchitis. It is imperative to study what is bronchitis in such cases. When one suffers from the inflammation in the membrane of mucous in the bronchial pipes, it is known as bronchitis. The problem is symptomized by incessant coughing and may require specialized medical help in the treatment.

In times when pollution is rising to new levels, it is also seen that young children often suffer from breathlessness and tiredness. These are things that should not generally happen in healthy children, which is why one must check for asthma in children who continuously complain of feeling short of breath and tired. In all cases, it must be ensured that the specialists that are chosen for the treatment should be learned and experienced. With growing competition in the medical field it is seen that a lot of doctors may lead the patients in the wrong direction, but with thoroughly professional help, it may be possible to treat breathing troubles with utmost medical professionalism and care.

Educating people on what is COPD

Many people today suffer from respiratory problems and most of them stem from the rising levels of pollution and such allergens. Even children who are very young suffer from such problems. There are thus a whole gamut of diseases and related treatments. Many of those who are patients need to be put on constant monitoring and medication is often a daily part of their lives. The best thing however with such problems is that once diagnosed correctly, they can be controlled and attacks can be largely prevented.

One of the most common terms that people hear when it comes to respiratory illness is the term COPD. What is COPD? It is basically an umbrella term that includes a whole range of progressive lung diseases and when expanded it can be read as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The diseases it covers are chronic bronchitis, emphysema, non-reversible asthma and bronchiectasis. Patients suffer from coughing and breathlessness and the worst thing is that it takes years for visible symptoms to really appear. Tests like the spirometry test really help in diagnosing such problems. It is important to diagnose COPD early before losing valuable lung function. It can be caused by exposure to chemicals, smoking and even second hand smoke. It is also genetically transferred. Proper diagnosis and treatment are key to controlling the disease and keeping lung function at an optimum.

Asthma is a part of what is known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Asthma has a number of triggers which include allergens like dust, pollen, mould; irritants like smoke, chemical fumes and air pollution; in some cases medication; extreme weather; stress and even excess exercise. The first and principle asthma cure is avoiding these triggers as much as possible. Drug therapies are also important. There are two major types of medication used in asthma. Quick relief medicines that are used in the time of an attack and long term medications that help in preserving the health of the lungs.

An asthma specialist looks into a number of factors prior to treatment. The first is testing the lung function of the patient. This will determine the treatment protocol to be followed. The next step is to ideally take a look at the triggers and educate the patient about avoiding them. Immunotherapy shots can also be used. Then the patient is usually prescribed with long term therapy that is usually a series of medicines including inhaled corticosteroids. In case of emergencies, bronchodilators are also prescribed. Although it cannot be cured fully, proper treatment from an asthma specialist and preventive medication can go a long way towards allowing the patient to lead a relatively stable life.

Learn About Asthma Cures

In order to improve your health, it is important to know the different causes of asthma. This is vital in order to understand what triggers the medical condition. These will help you in protecting yourself and your loved ones from the repercussions of this medical condition. Proper knowledge of these triggers can be an important guide for you to prevent the situation for going from bad to worse.

Asthma is a frightening experience to witness not only for you but also for the people around you. Even if it is only just a mild attack, it might surprise you to know how quickly it could have escalated into a severe or life threatening event. Regardless of the level of severity, it still needs immediate medical attention and treatment. Here are the things that you should know about asthma causes and more.

Causes of asthma in children and adults

  1. Allergens

Asthma is usually caused by allergens such as pet dander, mold spores, dust and pollen. These allergens are usually found in the environment that you live in and circulate in the air you breathe. Once inhaled they can cause an allergic reaction which results in inflammation of the airway passages.

  1. Poor quality of air

Always remember that a clean home is not always an indication that you’re breathing safe air. You may not even be aware that you’re surrounded by unsafe air. When you breathe in bad quality air, it can irritate the airway passages and as a result you may suffer from asthma attacks.

  1. Infections

There are certain infections that can affect the condition of an asthmatic person such as cold, influenza, bronchitis, etc. These infections tend to hamper the lungs and may make one vulnerable to the attacks of asthma.

  1. Exercise

Most people know that exercise is good for the health but not in the case of some asthmatic individuals. However, it still depends on the environment and other conditions such as the weather. One of the best things to do with this medical condition is to understand the causes of asthma attacks. Knowing this can help you prevent the threatening effects of asthma.

Learn about Asthma Cures

There is no sure shot way to cure asthma. What may work for one may not work for the other. However, the best cure for asthma in children is inhalers. Yoga too is one of the most natural cures for asthma. When you practice yoga regularly, your lungs will become stronger and your breathing will improve.

How to cure asthma in children and adults?

The most prevalent thing in the mind of every person suffering from asthma is seeking a remedy for the ailment. To be able to know how to cure asthma is just not as easy as going to a doctor to take the medication that he gives as the cure for asthma. And sadly, it may work in the short term but the problem will persist. To know the cure of the asthma, one has to be more involved and understand that it is way more than pill popping. Largely, the right cure of asthma involves adjustment of one’s lifestyle.

How to cure asthma in children and adults?

Here we have come up with 5 easy steps to cure asthma in children and adults.

1. Do you respect your body? There are people out there who are suffering from asthma yet they do not take enough steps to alter their lifestyle to cure it. Ignoring asthma can be both dangerous and irresponsible. If you are suffering from asthma, accept it and make adjustments to cure it.

2. Second, be consistent. After you have decided what to do and what not to do, in order to control the symptoms of asthma, adhere to it. If you think, that you must give up on your running sessions, don’t register for a marathon, if you think that you must quit swimming, just don’t join a swimming class. Whatever decision you make, stick to it.

3. Third, Be Practical and Positive. If you are suffering from asthma it does not mean that you have to give up on activities and sit on a couch. Have a positive attitude and think about the situation rationally, only then you’ll be able to devise the best methods to handle it.

4. Fourth, seek help from experts. Don’t try and find an appropriate remedy on your own. Visit an expert and find a proper diagnosis and treatment for your asthma.

5. Lastly, you have to be accepting. Accept that you have asthma and you can’t get rid of it. Make this a part of your lifestyle without making compromises that are not required. Don’t let the disease blow out of proportion and take charge of your life. Acceptance is the best remedy.

What is bronchitis? What are the symptoms of bronchitis?

1. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes.
2. Bronchitis may often lead to coughing and bronchospasm.
3. The symptoms of bronchitis may overlap the symptoms of asthma but it is not necessary for bronchitis to cause the airway obstruction which is said to be the key characteristic of asthma.