How to treat wheezing?

Wheezing refers to the coarse noise produced in the respiratory cavity while breathing. It may be accompanied with a whistling sound, which is quite irritating to the affected person and also others around the person. Wheezing is caused by various reasons. Sometimes, the respiratory airways get clogged by mucous, which results in friction when the air passes through them. And sometimes, the respiratory airways might get swollen due to the effect of some allergic reaction. In either case, the affected person starts making noise while breathing. In most cases, wheezing g subsides by its won in a day or two, but if it is found to be persistent, appropriate actions need to be taken.

Wheezing is quite dangerous when an infant acquires it. If an infant suffers from wheezing for more than 24 hours, a physician must be consulted. In infants, wheezing might be the early symptom of asthma. Once the infant acquires a chronic disease like asthma, it would turn into a lifelong chronic suffering. So, once must get very cautious if wheezing is seen in an infant. Young parents must read about what is wheezing and must not procrastinate visiting a child specialist once the symptoms of wheezing sets in an infant. You would find reputed child specialists in the city using the websites which list all the doctors and physicians according to the locality of the user. These websites also provide the facility of booking appointments online. The best thing about these websites is that you can compare all the doctors available in your city in terms of qualification, consultation fee and patient reviews.

Among adults, smoking is a major cause of the development of wheezing. In some cases, it is possible that one is wheezing when breathing during sleep. Most people might misunderstand it as snoring, but if you listen to a whistling sound, you should get careful.

There are a few home remedies too, which you can try, before visiting a doctor. You should understand the fact that the home remedies will not be able to completely treat the issue of wheezing. These remedies just hep in reducing the irritability. Take hot steaming water and start breathing in the steam by covering yourself in a towel. This will help in dilating the clogged respiratory airways. This is just to ease your symptoms and discomfort for the time being, while you visit a doctor and get the proper treatment. Never rely on old-wives tales and other folk remedies to cure a serious illness.